In 1987 when Eli Heil commemorated her 25 year career as an artist, she began focusing on an old dream – a location in order to conserve her pieces which, already worn down, are still part of her insoluble estate. Inaugurated on 7th March 1987, the location was named by the artist herself “The Egg World of Eli Heil”.

“The concept of the egg world emerged during an explosion in my brain as well as in my ovaries. Pluf, pluf, pluf, it has been born, it has been born, it has been born. Egg, ovulation, ovaries”. Already finding a location, all that was necessary was to find the help needed to conserve her enormous estate. And so, with a family reunion on 21st August 1993, “The Egg World of Eli Heil” Foundation was founded, with the objective to preserve and divulge the work of this artist.