Information and Contacts

Museu “O Mundo Ovo de Eli Heil”
Rodovia SC 401 nº 7.079, KM 12
Santo Antônio de Lisboa - Florianópolis - SC



Booking a Visit:
Visits to the exhibition should be booked by telephone or email.

Getting to the Exhibition:

Direction of Centre of Florianópolis – Beaches in the North of the Island: Access by motorway SC 401, returning after 2km with access to Santo Antônio de Lisboa

Direction of Beaches in the North of the Island:: Centre of Florianópolis: Access by motorway SC 401, 2km after access to Santo Antônio de Lisboa

All purchases of books, documentaries(DVD), etc about the artist can be bought by email

DVD Cover - Uma visita ao Mundo ovo de Eli Heil

This documentary was created with the objective of registering a visit to “The Egg World of Eli Heil”, the location that homes a large quantity of the intense work of this important Brazilian artist. To the immense satisfaction of the “visitors”, it is the artist herself who greets and accompanies them in a unique journey through her “Egg World”. When describing “The Egg World”, Art critic Harry Laus wrote that “Heil’s genius is dispersed in every place that visitors rest their eyes”.

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