Eli HeilEli Malvina Heil was born in 1929, in the city of Palhoça, Santa Catarina. She spent her childhood and youth in the neighbouring town of Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, where she became a PE teacher. In due time, she moved to Florianópolis, where she began lecturing at a college in the capital, before dedicating herself completely to art.

Painter, sketcher, sculptor and self-taught ceramic artist, Heil has already participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Brazil and the exterior. She completed a quite unique piece, classified by the XVI International Biennale of São Paulo as “Uncommon Art” (Art Brut). “Art, to me, is the expulsion of these restricted and damaged beings, born in the course of a colourful birth and in large numbers.”

During the creation process, Heil used a diverse array of materials, such as high heels, paint tubes, PVC tubes etc. Whilst doing so, she invented many new artistic techniques.